2019taipei International Design Award(tida)

Taipei City Government Has Been Devoted to Shaping Taipei Into a City With Design Visions and Has Been Encouraging Designers to Contemplate On The Meaning of Design, to See Design as a Problem-solving Tool, That Is, to Solve Problems Inevitably Faced by T

Taipei city government has been devoted to shaping taipei into a city with design visions and has been encouraging designers to contemplate on the meaning of design, to see design as a problem-solving tool, that is, to solve problems inevitably faced <Cropped>

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Restaurant by Devesh Pratyay

Devesh Pratyay Spotlights The The Refiery091 Restaurant

Devesh Pratyay, the project leader of the awarded project Award Winning The Refiery091 Restaurant explicates, Refinery 091 is a themed pub that endeavors to change the way Pubs are imagined. Elements incorporated here have never been used before. The <Cropped>

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Ring of Honour:to You by Tsang-Hsuan Lin

Tsang-Hsuan Lin Demonstrates The to You Ring of Honour

Tsang-Hsuan Lin, the thinktank behind the highlighted work Ring of honour by Tsang-Hsuan Lin points out, I tried to re-examine the value of the precious through the electronic materials that were available almost everywhere around us but were unnotic <Cropped>

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Happy Run by Shenyang Ligong University

Shenyang Ligong University Shares The Happy Run a Walking Aid For a Disabled Dog

Shenyang Ligong University, the maker of the awarded work HAPPY RUN by Shenyang Ligong University says, The product is designed for the dog with clumsy hind leg or disabled leg.The protection belt can tie up the dog's abdomen and buttocks so as <Cropped>

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Victor Nijem's Global Warming Ring

Victor Nijem Spotlights The Global Warming Ring

Victor Nijem, the maker of the awarded project Global Warming by Victor Nijem explains, The design is an original design. The design explains a very important point that every person must take responsibility for. From the side view we can see that th <Cropped>

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Konstantin Achkov For Lock's Electron Chair Chair

Konstantin Achkov For Lock Shares The Electron Chair Chair

Konstantin Achkov for LOCK, the creative mind behind the highlighted work Electron Chair by Konstantin Achkov for LOCK demonstrates, Electron Chair is a new and innovative concept in flat-pack furniture. The chair combines art design, ergonomics, e <Cropped>

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2020 Annual International Art Exhibition Celebrating Diversity & Inclusion

Submit Your Artwork On The Interpretation of Embracing Our Differences' Theme “enriching Lives Through Diversity.” Artists Possess a Powerful Tool to Evoke Social Change. Without Uttering a Single Word, They Can Enlighten, Educate and Effect C

Submit your artwork on the interpretation of embracing our differences' theme “enriching lives through diversity.” Artists possess a powerful tool to evoke social change. without uttering a single word, they can enlighten, educate and eff <Cropped>

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Award Winning Oblique Chair

Quoc Trang Pham Demonstrates The Oblique Chair

Quoc Trang Pham, the project leader of the displayed design CHAIR by Quoc Trang Pham spells out, Oblique is a high quality chair which is taken shape from the idea of finding new design to break out of traditional form and this model is strong influe <Cropped>

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Simply Living Residence-Residence by Daniel Hu

Daniel Hu Creates The Simply Living Residence Residence

Daniel Hu, the creative mind behind the award winning work Simply Living Residence - Residence by Daniel Hu points out, The design focuses on optimizing spatial comfort to the max, so that every angle taken during the working or living program can be <Cropped>

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Massimo Mercurio's Villa Vento Residential Villa

Massimo Mercurio Demonstrates The Villa Vento Residential Villa

Massimo Mercurio, the creative mind behind the award winning work Residential Villa by Massimo Mercurio explains, The strong facade of Vento ('wind' in Italian) exudes power. It was inspired by the iconic C42 cabin cruiser and thus conjures <Cropped>

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