Grid by Mian Wei

Mian Wei Illustrates The Grid Table

Mian Wei, the lead designer of the award winning design Table by Mian Wei says, The Grid is a table designed from a grid system that was inspired by traditional Chinese architecture, where a type of wooden structure called Dougong (Dou Gong) is used <Cropped>

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Award Winning Reaction Photography Series

Djinane Alsuwayeh Reveals The Reaction Photography Series

Djinane AlSuwayeh, the designer of the highlighted design Award Winning Reaction Photography Series demonstrates, Djinane AlSuwayeh grew up in a household that was a concoction of cultures; French and Kuwaiti, Christian and Muslim, European and Middl <Cropped>

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Shuai Wang's Three Designer Club

Shuai Wang Demonstrates The Three Designer Club

Shuai Wang, the lead designer of the highlighted work Designer Club by Shuai Wang says, Three is also a modulus in architecture. In Moral classics, three is a notion of “one divides in to two, two into three and three into the universe”. Starting <Cropped>

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Jewelry by Wei Huang and Qiwen Ye

Wei Huang and Qiwen Ye Shows The Water World Jewelry

Wei Huang and Qiwen Ye, the thinktank behind the award winning work Water World - Jewelry by Wei Huang and Qiwen Ye explains, Water World lives the most mysterious and delicate creatures, each of them is a perfect unity of art and nature. The designe <Cropped>

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Food Packaging by Pepsico Design & Innovation

Pepsico Design & Innovation Discloses The Alvalle Redesign Food Packaging

PepsiCo Design & Innovation, the thinktank behind the highlighted work Food Packaging:Alvalle Redesign by PepsiCo Design & Innovation explicates, Alvalle is Spain’s leading gazpacho brand, delivering an experience that evokes homemade fresh <Cropped>

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Branding Islamic Identity:islamic Identity by Lama Ajeenah

Lama Ajeenah Exhibits The Islamic Identity Branding Islamic Identity

Lama Ajeenah, the lead designer of the highlighted work Branding Islamic Identity:Islamic Identity by Lama Ajeenah points out, The main concept of the identity is that it is a hybrid of Islamic traditional ornamentation and contemporary design. As th <Cropped>

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Jinkia Initiative Shelter Competition

This Is a Competition to Help House Internal Refugees. The Challenge Is to Design Innovative, Bold, Simple and Culturally Appropriate Design Using Locally Available Materials.intervention New Designs/Constructions That Are Innovative, Bold, Affordable

This is a competition to help house internal refugees. the challenge is to design innovative, bold, simple and culturally appropriate design using locally available materials.Intervention new designs/constructions that are innovative, bold, afford <Cropped>

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Garden Planter:growing Rescued by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Spotlights The Growing Rescued Garden Planter

The thinktank behind the highlighted project Acclaimed Designer's Growing Rescued Garden Planter says, During a typical milling process, cedar pieces are cut from longer board stock. These pieces are gathered in bins and typically discarded. We <Cropped>

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Platon Ivantsov For Krylia Fmcg Branding's Alexx Black Snake Innovative Brandy

Platon Ivantsov For Krylia Fmcg Branding Illustrates The Alexx Black Snake Innovative Brandy

Platon Ivantsov for Krylia FMCG Branding, the lead designer of the highlighted project Award Winning AleXX Black Snake innovative brandy spells out, AleXX is the first creative Ukrainian brandy in fusion style intended to change all previous stereoty <Cropped>

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Award Winning Crystal Tables

Rita Kettaneh Exhibits The Crystal Tables

Rita Kettaneh, the thinktank behind the displayed project Crystal by Rita Kettaneh says, The Crystal tables are a set of geometric side tables inspired from the crystal. From the transparent tops to the minimalistic bases, the tables make a statement <Cropped>

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