Residence by Partidesign Studio

Partidesign Studio Presents The Interaction Residence

PartiDesign Studio, the creator of the awarded design Interaction - Residence by PartiDesign Studio explicates, This project involved the renovation of a 20 year old multi level apartment.The arrangement of the living room sofa, kitchen and dining ar <Cropped>

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Leaf Wallet-Wallet by Alexey Chugunnikov

Alexey Chugunnikov Creates The Leaf Wallet Wallet

Alexey Chugunnikov, the creative mind behind the displayed design Alexey Chugunnikov's Leaf Wallet Wallet illustrates, Two strips of thick tanned leather, two grams of metal and no seams. That is the main constructive principle of this item. The <Cropped>

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Theatre by Kelsy Alexander

Kelsy Alexander Shares The Jian Li Ju Theatre Theatre

Kelsy Alexander , the maker of the award winning work Award Winning Jian Li Ju Theatre Theatre explicates, The practice, have taken the cinematic expression of film noir and applied its heightened sense of drama to the atmosphere within to create a s <Cropped>

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Herbal Brewer:lify by Lee Kong Wai Connie and Mazing Lee

Lee Kong Wai Connie and Mazing Lee Creates The Lify Herbal Brewer

Lee Kong Wai Connie and Mazing Lee, the architect of the award winning work Award Winning Lify Herbal Brewer spells out, Lify is a connected single serve wellness drinking device that delivers personalised herbal drinks at your fingertips. It is your <Cropped>

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Award Winning Big Bin Overground Container

Acclaimed Designer Exhibits The Big Bin Overground Container

The designer of the award winning work Big bin - Overground Container by Acclaimed Designer says, The Big.Bin is a container designed to help humanize the city. Its clean shapes approach it to the domestic sphere, seeking greater empathy with the us <Cropped>

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Poster by Yiqi Chen

Yiqi Chen Creates The The Headstream Poster

Yiqi Chen, the architect of the award winning design Poster by Yiqi Chen explicates, Nowadays, a lot of people from all over the world become more and more interested in Chinese culture. The part of Chinese culture that people well know is created <Cropped>

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Hustle Hub-Youth Housing Design Competition %u201819: Russia

With Most of The Young Population Working Today to Acquire Basic Security of Livelihood and Not Investing On Their Lives For The Long Term (depreciating Because of The ‘grind’) Due to Various Social Stigmas Associated With Not Owning a Home; Create Th

With most of the young population working today to acquire basic security of livelihood and not investing on their lives for the long term (depreciating because of the ‘grind’) due to various social stigmas associated with not owning a home; crea <Cropped>

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Andreas Welter's Hans Dampf Cd Packaging

Andreas Welter Demonstrates The Hans Dampf Cd Packaging

Andreas Welter, the project leader of the displayed work Award Winning Hans Dampf CD Packaging demonstrates, Hans Dampf is a German electronic artist. His first album comes with a box including a T-Shirt Design and two tickets for one of his shows. T <Cropped>

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Sustainable Design Award

The a' Design Green Design Award Is Open For Submissions For Sustainable Products, Projects and Green Design

A’ Design Award & Competition announces open for the entries of the Green Design Awards. The purpose of Green Design Award is to highlight and promote the most interesting, best, and brightest green design projects worldwide. Original design i <Cropped>

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Children's Museum:grey Matter by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Illustrates The Grey Matter Children's Museum

The creative mind behind the awarded design Award Winning Grey Matter Children's Museum illustrates, Children are naturally curious, seeking opportunities to playfully explore and discover the possibilities of the world around them. The design s <Cropped>

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