Desktop Lasercutter & Engraver :mr Beam Ii by Benedikt Achatz

Benedikt Achatz Creates The Mr Beam Ii Desktop Lasercutter & Engraver

Benedikt Achatz, the maker of the displayed design Mr Beam II - Desktop Lasercutter & Engraver by Benedikt Achatz demonstrates, The design with its outstanding corner flaps states that this is a tool you can use in your workshop but also on your <Cropped>

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Pasta Sauce by Qny Creative

Qny Creative Spotlights The Sacla Redesign Pasta Sauce

QNY Creative, the creator of the awarded design Sacla Redesign by QNY Creative says, Prior to the redesign Sacla Sauces went through focus group testing with a white die-cut label portraying the ingredient varietals in a kaleidoscopic composition. Th <Cropped>

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Office by Tzu-Chiao Lin

Tzu-Chiao Lin Demonstrates The Territory Office

Tzu-Chiao Lin, the designer of the awarded work office:Territory by Tzu-Chiao Lin spells out, With the great view and located in the central city, the wide office adorned with a wall map signifies the client’s magnificent career ambitions. The de <Cropped>

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365 Day Design Challenge

The Challenge Aims to Destroy Those Creative Blocks That Every Designer Face to Build On Their Creativity

The challenge aims to destroy those creative blocks that every designer face to build on their creativity..

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Exhibition Booth by Thomas Tse

Thomas Tse Creates The On/Off Exhibition Booth

Thomas Tse, the creator of the award winning design ON/OFF - Exhibition booth by Thomas Tse says, Creating a temporary exhibition space in the way of installing a theme exhibition is a new positioning of this Design Week. From the concept to the desi <Cropped>

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Pages-Chiar by Noriko Hashida

Noriko Hashida Reveals The Pages Chiar

NORIKO HASHIDA, the thinktank behind the displayed work chiar by NORIKO HASHIDA explicates, The bearing surface of this chair is a form similar to a book. You can adjust delicate height, if the cushion of a bearing surface is turned over. We differ <Cropped>

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Multifuncional Complex by Dagmara Oliwa & Anita Luniak

Dagmara Oliwa & Anita Luniak Presents The Crab Houses Multifuncional Complex

Dagmara Oliwa & Anita Luniak, the creative mind behind the award winning project Multifuncional complex by Dagmara Oliwa & Anita Luniak demonstrates, On the vast plain of the Silesian Lowlands, one magical mountain stands alone, covered in <Cropped>

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Beko Wmy 101443 Lyb1 Washing Machine by Arcelik Ind. Design Team, Soner Ilgin

Arcelik Ind. Design Team, Soner Ilgin Reveals The Beko Wmy 101443 Lyb1 Washing Machine Washing Machine

Arcelik Ind. Design Team, Soner Ilgin, the creative mind behind the awarded project Arcelik Ind. Design Team, Soner Ilgin's BEKO WMY 101443 LYB1 WASHING MACHINE WASHING MACHINE explains, The appearance of new Beko WMY 101443 LYB1 washing machine <Cropped>

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Happening; New Interfaces; Exhibition by Makkuni Ranjit

Makkuni Ranjit Demonstrates The Musical Landscapes and The Goddess Happening; New Interfaces; Exhibition

Makkuni Ranjit, the creative mind behind the highlighted design Happening; New Interfaces; Exhibition by Makkuni Ranjit points out, The Musical Landscapes and the Goddesses of Music is an exhibition presenting advances in interactive art through an e <Cropped>

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E-Graphics Communications's Hitachi Airy Pamphlet

E-Graphics Communications Spotlights The Hitachi Airy Pamphlet

E-graphics communications, the designer of the awarded design E-graphics communications's HITACHI airy Pamphlet explains, Airy is Hitachi’s mobile X-Ray system and developed to be a reliable partner for female operators to provide strong sup <Cropped>

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