Award Winning Buddyphones Play Wireless Headphones

Petur Olafsson-Onanoff Illustrates The Buddyphones Play Wireless Headphones

Petur Olafsson - Onanoff, the maker of the displayed project Wireless Headphones by Petur Olafsson - Onanoff explains, Having the time to play is essential to a child's development. The BuddyPhones Play makes play time virtually endless thanks t <Cropped>

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Interior Design:the Sun, The Art by Yi-cheng Chi

Yi-cheng Chi Shares The The Sun, The Art Interior Design

Yi-Cheng Chi, the author of the awarded work The Sun, the Art by Yi-Cheng Chi points out, In this place, a seven-floor building, constructed by white stones, black metal grills, glass curtains, and plantings, is eye-catching. As a construction compan <Cropped>

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Vstudio Limited's The Rays Lobby

Vstudio Limited Portrays The The Rays Lobby

Vstudio Limited, the creative mind behind the awarded project The Rays - Lobby by Vstudio Limited explains, A revitalization project to convert an old industrial building to a commercial office building. This is a challenging site with no natural li <Cropped>

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Homemade Cafe-Snack Bar by Gravity Design Team

Gravity Design Team Creates The Homemade Cafe Snack Bar

Gravity Design Team, the thinktank behind the award winning design Snack bar by Gravity Design Team explains, Homemade Cafe is a new idea of the brand, Macrocenter, which is one of the biggest premium local grocery store chains in Turkey. The cafe is <Cropped>

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Identity Visual Communication by Marcelo Lopes

Marcelo Lopes Presents The Thais Pepe-Dermatology Clinic Identity Visual Communication

Marcelo Lopes, the creator of the awarded project Thais Pepe - dermatology clinic - Identity Visual Communication by Marcelo Lopes says, In addition to the creation of the new brand, the new project pursued exclusivity by means of the innovative conc <Cropped>

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Night Lamp:carpe Diem by Kin Man Cammy Sha

Kin Man Cammy Sha Spotlights The Carpe Diem Night Lamp

KIN MAN CAMMY SHA, the lead designer of the displayed project Night lamp:CARPE DIEM by KIN MAN CAMMY SHA explains, Life is measured in moments which mark our life, cornerstones in time. Carpe Diem captures the most valuable moment in life, the arriva <Cropped>

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Indoor Rowing Machine by La Design

La Design Discloses The Float Rower Indoor Rowing Machine

LA Design, the project leader of the highlighted work Award Winning Float Rower Indoor Rowing Machine explicates, The world’s first rowing machine to simulate the experience of rowing on water. Float Rower pitches and rolls, responding to the many <Cropped>

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Docklets-Building Bricks by Thade Precht

Thade Precht Creates The Docklets Building Bricks

Thade Precht, the architect of the displayed design Docklets by Thade Precht illustrates, Welcome to the world of Docklets – a new system of building bricks for both small and tall builders! Its hook and loop coins allow you to create 3d models whi <Cropped>

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Diagnostic Product by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Reveals The Breath Condenser Diagnostic Product

The thinktank behind the displayed project Award Winning Breath Condenser Diagnostic Product points out, The best point in this graduatin project was the research and the knowledge about the new method, such as the requirements about veterinary, anim <Cropped>

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Multi Functional Dressing Table by Ece Yilmaz

Ece Yilmaz Designs The The New Dressing Table Multi Functional Dressing Table

Ece Yilmaz, the author of the award winning project The New Dressing Table by Ece Yilmaz demonstrates, This dressing table has been designed to be a solution for the problems that women face everyday. The mirror’s positioning allows the user to d <Cropped>

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